“There are a lot of things I feel from working with Jeana: empowered, enthused, inspired. But the number one thing I feel is relief. I wholly trust that she knows exactly how to get me to where I’m going. She’s an expert, in every sense of the word.” – J. F., Client of 2 years


Jeana completed her Pilates certification at the PhysicalMind Institute and has since studied with master instructors across the country. She has done intensive continuing education, including a year-long Anatomy and Kinesiology course with a focus on Pilates. Jeana is skilled in working with pre and post natal, injured and healing bodies. Over the course of her Pilates career, Jeana has developed Restorative Pilates classes in women's shelters, created Pilates programs specific to young professional athletes and has led a variety of workshops geared towards teachers-in-training.


Jeana teaches a rigorous and intelligent style of Pilates. She believes teaching is both an art and a science and strives for excellence when working with clients. She is inspired by classical Pilates and also draws upon yoga, dance, muscular release and aerial conditioning in her sessions. She believes Pilates is a methodology that sharpens the mind, challenges the body and encourages the practitioner to be present in the moment. Jeana believes Pilates can change any person from the inside, out. She is fun, upbeat and always dishing out tough love to clients in the form of ab exercises.


When shes not teaching, you can usually find Jeana in a performance space or a dance studio. She has graced stages from New York City to San Francisco; working with independent Modern choreographers to Cirque Du Soleil. Jeana fell in love with aerial tissue when she moved to San Francisco and now spends any free time she has high up in the air, daring herself to new feats.